Morning walk

I woke up early at about 5:30am and had my coffee. Then went out for my morning walk. It was a little misty with very light rain, a warm morning with a slight breeze. It felt like God was washing the air of all the pollution. The sun was behind the clouds, but I could see the rays shining through and As I walked I felt such a peaceful and clean feeling.

Everyone has their own way of starting their mornings, mine is with a 1 1/2 mile walk . It lets me clear my mind of any lingering thoughts from the day before and start a new day full of gratitude and renewed  strength  for any challenges of the day.

This is my 390th consecutive day walking without a miss. When it is something I enjoy and I know it is going to make my day better I have no trouble with carrying through with it. God has given me good health in my 70’s and I intend to make good use of it.


Usually optimistic;

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