Life is in thoughts


Question! Can we always be in control of our thoughts and be truthful in our thinking?

In my readings this week I was thinking about how thoughts influence my life.

I have always tried to be friendly and smile a lot when in the company of others. Many times I would withdrawal from conversations simply because my thoughts were somewhere else. Being the daydreamer I am, my thoughts are always wandering and usually in a different direction than the current conversation I am in. It has always been hard for me to concentrate on any subject for very long.  My attention span is short and I loose focus quickly.  I think when I try to concentrate I have a rewind button that is activated and I repeat things  over and over again in my mind. This could be because I started daydreaming when I was very young to escape reality’ and the habit is overpowering most of the time.

Is this my subconscious or some distracting spirits? In my case I believe it is evil spirits keeping me in limbo and distracting me from my faith in Christ.

I believed that praying to God would immediately solve all of my problems, even my lack of concentration, but it does not work out that way.  God does have my best interest at heart, and answers accordingly.  But I have free will to think whatever I want, and my thoughts usually drift away into dreamland, which causes a lot of wasted time and energy. At times when I have a thought of doing a project and start to take action I seem to run into a problem or two whether it’s the materials or something else. Determining my actions will lead to either completing it or quit and loose all the time already spent. Usually my  actions of any kind will cause some sort of a problem.

I believe problems can easily be solved with communication and the thought process. Sharing thoughts with someone else can determine the action to be taken, and thinking through each step will help clear my mind so I can finish what I started. Then the action I took is going to affect the quality of life I have.

Many philosophers tell us that we are what we think or our thoughts make us who we are. Our thoughts create the beginning of  our actions.

How my life is today was determined by the type of action I have taken thus far.


Usually optimistic;

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