I have been so disappointed in the many people who seem to have lost their moral values. It seems that lies and deception have taken the place of honesty and truth. The vulgar language especially of the youth is just unbelievable. This is America and it was founded on a belief in GOD.  I hope that whoever reads this will pray with me for a change in the hearts of our people.

This is a sobering message, and it is still true for today.

Throughout history, people have sinned without thought of consequences because God will always fix it. He will pardon them. He will rescue them. He will tidy up the mess and still let them into heaven.

“You’re wrong.

Go against God and keep going against God and He will give you that sinful, miserable, experience of degradation you seekGod will release His restraints and hand people over to their own destruction.


Usually optimistic;

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2 comments on “AMERICA IN TROUBLE
  1. Tom says:

    There is truth here, however God is painfully long suffering for his beloved. A time will come when the breath has past as well as the opportunity to change. This is a timely warning, don’t wait.

  2. earl19 says:

    Agree, the time to change is now.

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