Material things won’t last forever.

So many of us are consumed with acquiring more and more material possessions, and the more we get the more they become our security and purpose for living.  I have been guilty of this myself.  I have always loved tinkering with anything mechanical, and called it my hobby.  As time passed I bought better tools and needed bigger space to fulfill my need for a better life.

After my morning walk and then devotions the Holy spirit brought thoughts into my mind about the way we are living our lives today,  focusing on things and money. All my possessions will eventually get old and break down, and my life built on the material things will not last, but I am thankful that I have a life built around a relationship with Jesus which I know will last thru eternity.

We need to make sure our desires are lined up with God

We will all give an account for what we built our lives on.  We all have a choice: We can build our lives on a relationship with God, or we can build our lives on acquiring stuff and making money. But only one will last into eternity.

Is there anything about your attitude that needs to change today about money or material things?


Usually optimistic;

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