The featured picture below is my mother and me 3 days before she went to heaven.


Raised in poverty and having a dad that only came around to make another child.  I was living with having a lot of responsibility with negativity all around because of needing to be on welfare. Since I was the oldest of 8 children I journeyed through a time where I was taking care of my siblings and mom. I was also working part time at age 12 while still going to school. After graduating High school I worked many low paying jobs, got married and 13years later divorced then I remarried another lady. Working a few more minimal jobs and doing handyman work. I was able to turn that into my own contracting company. At age 68 I retired and tried to start making some income online.  While all the time I was developing an attitude of optimism and a determination to succeed all by my self.

The road hasn’t been easy, but God has been my guide and protector. At age 14 I accepted Christ into my life and have been faithful through lots of trials. Each morning I wake up and give thanks for another beautiful day. I also try to maintain a positive attitude and think about the good in everything.

My hope is that each person I come in contact with will remember me as a caring person.

Earl Baldwin





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